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As is evident from the name, this cuisine was popularized by the great Mughal dynasty, during whose reign the court chefs took elaborate and intricate care in creating food masterpieces.
In every step of the culinary process, Mughlai food requires careful attention to detail. The marinating of the meat, the slow cooking in a tandoor, the blending of the spices each of them are an art by themselves. But when each of these processes are placed together, we have an authentic Mughlai cuisine.

At Tandoor, our chefs have spent years in trying to revive the glorious culinary tradition. Care is taken to preserve the authenticity, hence our spices are always fresh, our blending almost always precise.
Quality Variety Rich

The three features signify Mughlai cuisine. The quality of the ingredients, the sheer variety of the food ranging from cottage cheese to veggies to tender lamb and the richness in the spice, texture and aroma are sure to please you.

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